Make your lean operation even leaner still with SupplySentry RFID Inventory Management

It is well known that lean processes reduce waste and redundancy which in turn benefits profitability. Sound lean operation practices can impact every aspect of our businesses.

Inventory management is still a time-consuming task for almost any manufacturing company. This can be especially true for products not closely monitored by your ERP System. In flexo printing this is often the case for items essential for producing work on time such as stickybacks, doctor blades, tapes, end seals and many more sometimes overlooked yet critical items.

Lean Operation

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SupplySentry RFID makes inventory management practically painless. By having real time inventory measured with multiple touchpoints you can significantly reduce the hours needed to track these items. By having us help manage your inventory you reduce several steps in the process allowing you to focus on other critical activities (see

SupplySentry delivers more actionable data for control, efficiency, and trust. For example, the ability to see real-time what is in stock, in transit, or on-order on your mobile device gives you ready accessible information to determine if you have what you need when you need it - from anywhere you are at.

The SupplySentry user interface gives multiple looks on usage metrics to both control inventory and costs. And we work with you to optimize replenishment rules to reduce labor and freight costs (see

We utilize advanced analytics with AI machine learning to help us in forecasting and continuous supply-planning optimization. Each client is also assigned an Account Manager, so we have human eyes on each installation to make sure we never run a customer out of critical items.

The best way to see if SupplySentry might be a fit for you is to schedule a demo ( We will review your current ordering process and determine if a leaner process can result in a positive impact for your business.

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