Supply Sentry for Flexo Supplies Management

You’re A Flexo Printer
You Need Supplies

Flexo supplies. Now. On your shelf.
SupplySentry from APR
Supply Sentry Flexo Supplies on Forklift

A self-refilling inventory?
That takes a lot off of your plate.

No Flexo Stock-outs

No Stock-outs

Imagine a world where the supplies you need are always waiting on your shelf. No more scrambling to find a roll of the stickyback that you need to mount the plates for that rush job for your most important customer.

SupplySentry continually monitors the stock on your shelf, so it always knows just what you have on hand. The system automatically re-stocks the supplies that you absolutely need to get your job done.


No need to count inventory

No Counting

Think of the hours spent taking inventory of supplies that you have in stock. Counting boxes and taking notes to make sure that you don’t run out of things. Whose job is it to count what? how often do we need to take a count? Where do they hide the emergency backup stock? How many should we order? Will it get here in time? It’s a headache.

SupplySentry is the cure.


No inventory surprises

No Surprises

No one in business like surprises. Businesses need to flow. A smooth, surprise-free flow. Surprises tend to cause interruptions, interruptions tend to cause losses, losses cost time and money. Some surprises are preventable. SupplySentry can prevent one of the worst surprises, running out of supplies. That no longer has to be one of those surprises that interrupts the flow of your business.

SupplySentry just works, no surprises.


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“Having RFID SupplySentry technology take care of that portion of our supply needs, frees me up to work on other areas of my job. It’s definitely one big item off of my plate.”

Randy Crutchfield

Pressroom Manager
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“Controlling everyday production supplies without having to manually count & order is just more efficient for everyone in production.”

Alisha Pelliccioni

Production Services Manager
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“The Supply Sentry RFID system here at our company has saved me hours on inventory count and reordering.”

Tracy Townsend

Pre-Press Manager
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“The APR Supply Sentry System is a lifesaver! It will make sure that you don’t run out of supplies. At first, I had trust issues and each time I’ve checked my levels, it has shown exactly what I had. It makes my job easier and I can focus on something else.”

Chad Thomas

Shift Supervisor
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“The peace of mind that whenever we use up an item, the RFID cabinet will always have what we need. We don’t have to call, wait for a shipment, or keep track of our supply inventory.”

Charles Strezo

Sr. Prepress Technician
Fortis Solutions Group

“I have been working with inventory management for 10+ years and have used inventory lists, Kanban systems and the Supply Sentry RFID program from All Printing Resources has made inventory management easy and friendly to use! It’s a simple, one stop shop, and alleviates many inventory related headaches!”

Rigo Marquez

Purchasing Manager
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“Just like to say thanks for introducing us to the RFID system here at TC Griffin. This system has taken away all of my lost time and worries about inventory and ordering of our mounting tapes.”

Randy Lowe

Prepress Lead
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"APR’s Supply Sentry RFID system has been an asset to our company. It has worked flawlessly, allowing excellent inventory management of our product."

Eric Johnson

Purchasing Manager
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“Our Supply Sentry RFID Cabinets have made our job so much easier. We no longer have to take an inventory and send out an order, but instead the RFID cabinet handles all of our orders and inventory. This saves us time to look for improvements elsewhere and has helped eliminate any mistake when it comes to reorders. Double thumbs up!”

Jason Born

Plateroom Team Leader – Packaging Specialties, Georgia
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“The cabinet allows the inventory amounts to follow an ebb and flow, keeping stock at consistent levels, based on usage. It takes the guess work out of the ordering process.”

Jim Pluskota

Senior Purchasing Agent / Production Services - Prairie State Graphics
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“Supply Sentry RFID has reduced our concerns and time spent on tracking inventory for our plates and mounting tape. This allows our people to focus on the quality of our finished product.”

Jason Galloway

Pre-Press Manager
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“I know the inventory will be ordered on time. We have never come close to running out of product. We don’t have to rely on someone to order the product. We always get an order notification from APR when the order is ready to ship. We have the option of changing the order if necessary. I can look at my inventory online without leaving my workstation. The inventory online has always been accurate (I have done a physical count and then checked it online.) I am very satisfied with the system.”

David Wynn

Mounting Lead
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“We have been using the RFID system that was installed by APR for a few years now. This system works so well that we have installed it in different areas of our facility, and it is used to track usage of items from tape to stickyback and more. APR makes it easy to control our inventories, so we don’t run out of items that are necessary for our plants to run. The RFID makes it easy to adjust the min/max levels depending on our production schedule. The information portal is also a benefit.”

Johnna Moeller

Maintenance Clerk, Purchasing

SupplySentry gives customers multiple ways
to view data about the products they use.

Supply Sentry Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

The SupplySentry Customer Dashboard contains a wealth of information about the customer’s supply inventory. From this website, the customer can see what they have currently in stock, as well as what items are in transit.


Mobile Access

The SupplySentry customer website is accessible via Mobile Devices. Customers can access the data about their inventory using their mobile phone or tablet. One tap and they can see their supply inventory from wherever they are.


Supply Sentry Product Data Portal

Product Data Portal

The SupplySentry Product Data Portal contains lots of information about the products the customer uses. Here they can find product data sheets, SDS information, usage tips, training videos and much more.


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