No Need to Count

No need to count inventory

Think of the hours spent taking inventory of supplies that you have in stock. Counting boxes and taking notes to make sure that you don’t run out of things. Whose job is it to count what? how often do we need to take a count? Where do they hide the emergency backup stock? How many should we order? Will it get here in time? It’s a headache. SupplySentry is the cure.

How many times have you had someone upset because they ran out of the one thing that they need to do their job? Have you ever had to stop a press for something as simple as and end seal, or some splicing tape? No one mentioned that they took the last one? Who was supposed to keep track those items? Why wasn’t anyone notified? Mayhem ensues…

With SupplySentry, those concerns are history. The system keeps track of exactly what you have on hand in real time. SupplySentry knows what you need, how many, and when it needs to ship to get to you on time.

SupplySentry uses automated inventory control to free you up to do more important things. Don’t count supplies, count on SupplySentry!

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