SupplySentry Answers

What products can I put in SupplySentry?
SupplySentry can be used for almost any plate-room or pressroom consumable. This includes photopolymer plate material, stickybacks, tapes, doctor blades, end seals, safety supplies, cleaning supplies, and many more items.
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How does SupplySentry work?
We have a short video that explains how SupplySentry works and how it can help you work smarter.
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How much does SupplySentry cost?
SupplySentry currently does not cost anything if you meet the annual purchase criteria other than a basic installation charge (if done by APR).

How do you determine how much inventory to carry in SupplySentry? We have a proven process of reviewing your current usages and jointly determining initial minimums, maximums, and reorder points for each item. SupplySentry then has state-of-the-art predictive analytics that we then utilize to optimize the amount to have in stock and when and how much to replenish. The software’s AI engine, driven by what is, in essence, machine learning, can dynamically reset min/max/reorder points to assist us in managing the supply chain for our customers allowing us to reduce the amount of inventory kept on the floor as well as reduce freight costs.

Is there anything necessary on my end in order to have SupplySentry?
A 110v power outlet for the RFID reader for each location with 24/7 continuous power is required. As well as a Standard IPV4 RJ-45 network drop. A DHCP-assigned address for all equipment is required. Note: If static IP addresses are preferred, Supply Sentry will require an IP per device on site.

Is there any danger or concerns to my IT system?
Every IT department has different needs, and we take great care in meeting all requirements on a case-by-case basis. We employ industry-standard techniques such as firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, and site monitoring to protect your information. Our RFID Appliance installed at a customer site only interacts with our SupplySentry host servers by submitting our customized RFID tag data back to us via outbound port 80. This appliance can easily integrate into your local LAN or specific VLAN, or it can be attached to a wireless network via Wi-Fi to Ethernet Adapter. For more detailed information, please get in touch with us.

How do you determine when to replenish my inventory?
APR and your team determine the appropriate minimum, maximum, and reorder quantities. Once we have history, the system uses sophisticated economic order quantity formulas to determine the optimum time to replenish, also considering shipping times and freight costs.

Can I install SupplySentry?
In some situations, the customer can install SupplySentry. This depends on the needs and configuration of the system. A site survey is done to determine the types of equipment best suited for the environment. The use of cabinets, shelves, or whole room installations is determined by the product types and quantities required, as well as customer interviews to understand buying behaviors and needs. Some customer locations may combine all three of these options.

What if I need more than one location?
We can do multiple locations and configurations if needed.

What if I want to have only some people have access to SupplySentry?
We have a couple of options, including a fingerprint reader to control access to products in SupplySentry. We are also working on NCR and facial recognition options.

How long does it take to configure and install?
A typical installation can be completed in one day.

How can I tell how much inventory I have in SupplySentry?
SupplySentry's web-based interface allows you to see what items are in stock, the quantity of each item on hand, the quantity in transit, and the suggested amount needed to replenish their supply.

Does SupplySentry have any reporting capabilities?
The user interface shows you various information and reports displaying your usage by product and period. Custom reports can be created if additional information is needed.

Can I see what is in SupplySentry on my phone?
Yes, SupplySentry has a mobile application that lets you view what you have in stock or in transit on your phone.

Is there a person reviewing my usages, or is it all automated?
Although we have developed and utilized sophisticated economic computer-generated order quantity formulas to determine optimum inventory levels, you are also assigned an Account Manager that looks over your inventory situation daily to ensure you never run out of product. We also have automated alerts that go out to the account manager if anything drops below minimum levels.

What about freight costs?
We understand that freight is important to your total costs. We, therefore, try to optimize our replenishment cycles to minimize freight costs. Typical customers see a reduction in annual freight costs, especially those attributed to the need to overnight items.

Can you tell me if an item is getting past its shelf life?
Because each tag is a unique "license plate," it allows us to know when this item was put in stock at your location. We then track each tag to alert you if an item has been on the shelf too long or if you are not turning your inventory in the most optimal manner.

How much space do we need for a SupplySentry system?
SupplySentry systems are very customizable. The shelving units can range from 4ft to 12ft wide with varying heights and depths. Sometimes we can completely customize a setup and use existing shelving units. Once a site survey is completed, we can determine what setup would be the best fit for you.