No Surprises

No inventory surprises

No one in business like surprises. Businesses need to flow. A smooth, surprise-free flow. Surprises tend to cause interruptions, interruptions tend to cause losses, losses cost time and money. Some surprises are preventable. SupplySentry can prevent one of the worst surprises, running out of supplies. That no longer has to be one of those surprises that interrupts the flow of your business.

When you run out of supplies, you waste time looking to see if Larry has some hidden behind his desk. You lose money while the press sits and waits. You get behind schedule, possibly upsetting more than one customer that is waiting for the finished product. Not good when you have to call them and give them a surprise.

Trying to get the missing component shipped in a hurry leads to another problem, rush shipping charges. Also, not a good surprise. Especially to the folks in accounting. They hate surprises. And don’t be surprised when the customer refuses to pay any extra costs for something that was late. Damn surprises.

The worst surprise is no supplies. SupplySentry just works, no surprises.

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