SupplySentry System Installation Options

Every SupplySentry System is customized for our customers. Before setting anything up, we meet with the customer to understand their needs and to determine what will work best for their situation. We like to survey the actual facility site to understand the way their production works and how we can best to supply their needs. We take into consideration how best to simplify their workflow and to minimize steps taken to retrieve supplies.

Basic System Options

Different options to allow us to find the best solution for each individual customer. There are three basic installation types: Racks, Cabinets and Rooms.

Rack Systems

Our rack systems are the most popular, and the most flexible. Shelving racks are outfitted with RFID Readers and Antennas. These racks come in various widths, depths and heights. We select the rack to fit both the space allotted and the volume of stock that will need to be kept on hand. The racks are generally assembled on site by our installer.

Flexo Supply Rack
Flexo Supplies Rack
Flexo Supplies Rack

Cabinet Systems

Cabinet systems are useful when space is at a minimum, or when supplies need to be secured or protected from a dusty environment. We can supply cabinets in a number of widths and depths. Industrial-strength metal cabinets are configured with readers and antennas just like the racks. The inside of each cabinet is lined with a special protective material to prevents RFID tags on packages from coming in direct contact with the metal sides of the cabinet, which can cause read errors. If needed, cabinets can also be locked for security. Cabinets are great storage for small, expensive items or for items that needing a more controlled access.

Flexo Supply Cabinet
Flexo Supplies Cabinet
Flexographic Supplies Cabinet

Full Room Systems

Larger plants use a lot of products, and the SupplySentry system can be installed to track all the supplies in a whole room. For these installs, we will hang antennas around the room to cover all of the various storage areas in the room including multiple racks, as well as large items such as full pallets or large rolls of materials. This type of installation is perfect for customers who purchase a large volume of different items from us.

Flexo Supplies Room
Flexo Supplies Room

Other System Options

Plug-and-Play Rack Systems

For a smaller company with less inventory, we can now provide a Plug-and-Play version of our system. The ready-to-use rack that arrives fully assembled and ready to plug in and use. This option is great for out-of-the-way locations that are not near any of our service centers. Depending on the customer's needs and available space, these racks are available in several sizes and do not require the high-volume sales that we required for some of the other systems.

Plug-and-play Flexo Supply Rack
Plug and Play Flexo Supply Rack
Flexo Supplies Rack - Plug and Play

Scale Options

Certain items are too small to tag individually or are shipped in bulk-quantity cases. For these, we offer bin storage with scales to track the usage of items by weight. These are useful for smaller things like various types of tape rolls, or safety equipment like personal protection equipment (safety glasses, masks or ear plugs).

Flexo Supply Scales
Flexo Supplies Scale

Security Options

Several security options are available for SupplySentry installations depending on the customer's needs. Cabinet installations can be configured to unlock with biometric fingerprint readers. Face-recognition will soon be available, too. We can also supply lockable cages for items that need to be secured. Contact us to discuss your security needs. We can accommodate most any situation.

SupplySentry Security
Supply Sentry Security
Flexo Supplies Security