SupplySentry can save you time (and money)

Time is Money

An often-overused phrase but still accurate none-the-less. Typically, a converter’s inventory management process for such items as stickybacks, tapes, doctor blades, and similar supplies are not done within their ERP/MRP systems but rather managed “off-line” via spreadsheets or similar processes. Although these methods are fine, they can be time consuming for those responsible to keep them up to date. In addition, if that person is out for any reason, the responsibilities now fall on someone else who may not be as familiar with the process – thus, becoming even more time consuming.

Time = Money

Can you Kanban

Many companies may employ the use of Kanban systems to manage these types of inventory items. Kanban systems trigger orders as a result of observable events and can be highly effective. However, they can also be time consuming due to some inherent weaknesses. Infrequent orders may render the Kanban process less effective as a Kanban system assumes stable, repetitive production plans – not always a reality in flexo printing. Fluctuations in demand may affect the functioning of the Kanban system causing it to be more time consuming if you need to make rapid adjustments to inventories due to quick changing production requirements.

Real Time Saves Time

In flexographic printing, customer requirements can be often unpredictable. Real-time information on what you have in stock or on order creates more accuracy which in turn saves time (and thus money as the phrase professes 😊). Because insights into current inventory levels and what is on order can be viewed and analyzed as they unfold, planners and managers can have more trust that they have the items when and where they need them.

All Printing Resources’ (APR) SupplySentry continually monitors the stock in inventory for such products as stickybacks, tapes, doctor blades, safety supplies, and much more, so it always knows just what you have on hand. The system automatically re-stocks the supplies that you absolutely need to get your job done without you having to spend as much time to do so. Years of a proven track record with APR’s SupplySentry has created true trust with our clients. For more information or to set up a demo on how SupplySentry may be a fit for you, please go to:

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