From Uncertainty to Certainty…

From Uncertainty to Certainty…

Reduce stress and costs with a clear and accurate picture of your supply inventory.

The foundation for inventory management is having accurate, up-to-date inventory visibility. If a flexo printer has manual processes or relies on outside companies to keep count of such items as stickybacks, tapes, doctor blades, PPE, platemaking materials, (and many other items critical to your manufacturing process), then errors can creep into the inventory numbers. If the inventory data about each item is incorrect, then decisions are made based on false assumptions.

Real-time inventory visibility simply means knowing what inventory you have on hand and where that inventory is located at any given moment. Improving your inventory visibility means creating a more accurate picture of your current inventory levels to eliminate shortages or carrying too much.

Having visibility to this real-time inventory data allows the ability to display it on dashboards across multiple locations within a facility or among multiple facilities. Improved inventory visibility allows you to see trends more clearly. With a consolidated view of real-time data about your inventory, your business can make quick decisions that can save money.

SupplySentry Mobile Dashboard
SupplySentry Web Dashboard

SupplySentry provides visibility into real-time metrics to avoid unnecessary risks. Giving real-time visibility to all the inventory can prevent issues before they occur. Multiple reports are available to show trends and other valuable information — even on your mobile device. The system automatically re-stocks the supplies that you absolutely need to get your job done without you having to spend as much time to do so.

For more information, see the infographic that depicts how many customers have described to us the way that SupplySentry has made their life easier: Workflow Before and After SupplySentry.

Or, perhaps the best way to see if SupplySentry might be a fit for you is to schedule a demo and see if real time inventory combined with predictive analytics can give you more peace of mind.

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