Supply Chain Automation
…more important than ever.

One lesson we have all learned in the last year is that short-term events can have long-term consequences. We have spent much of 2020 dealing with immediate challenges caused by the pandemic, such as unexpected delays, shortages, and workforce disruptions. We need more than ever to consider disruption before it happens to mitigate the impact […]

No Surprises

No one in business like surprises. Businesses need to flow. A smooth, surprise-free flow. Surprises tend to cause interruptions, interruptions tend to cause losses, losses cost time and money. Some surprises are preventable. SupplySentry can prevent one of the worst surprises, running out of supplies. That no longer has to be one of those surprises […]

No Need to Count

Think of the hours spent taking inventory of supplies that you have in stock. Counting boxes and taking notes to make sure that you don’t run out of things. Whose job is it to count what? how often do we need to take a count? Where do they hide the emergency backup stock? How many […]

No More Stock-Outs

Imagine a world where the supplies you need are always waiting on your shelf. No more scrambling to find a roll of the stickyback that you need to mount the plates for that rush job for your most important customer. SupplySentry continually monitors the stock on your shelf, so it always knows just what you […]