Make your lean operation even leaner still with SupplySentry RFID Inventory Management

It is well known that lean processes reduce waste and redundancy which in turn benefits profitability. Sound lean operation practices can impact every aspect of our businesses. Inventory management is still a time-consuming task for almost any manufacturing company. This can be especially true for products not closely monitored by your ERP System. In flexo […]

Inventory Management Tools for Uncertain Times

We appreciate the challenges everyone is currently facing and recognize that we all prioritize the safety of our employees and strive to maintain the needed levels of service to our clients. These are difficult times to navigate how best to engage with our customers on technologies we believe can offer solutions given the current circumstances. […]

SupplySentry can’t fix FOMO but We Can Help with FORO (and some other phobias too)

Many of us have heard or experienced the Fear of Missing Out (#FOMO), especially in a world of Facebook and Instagram. APR can’t help there, but we can definitely help with the Fear of Running Out (#FORO). And what if FORO is affecting your ability to give others FOMO? This is when you are on […]